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We are proud to announce that the 3rd Welsh Open - Cleddyf Y Gaeaf Cymraeg - will be taking place on the 18th and 19th February 2017 and is open to all BKA, EKF and IKF members.

The cost for the taikai is as follows:

£40 per team (5 people per team, mixed gender allowed and no grade restrictions).

£10 per individual entry (there will be a mixed individuals and a women's individuals. Only 1 payment of £10 is needed to enter for the whole day, so women get 2 categories for the price of one!).

There will be an hour open Ji-geiko on the evening of the 17th with the taikai to follow on the weekend of the 18th (teams) and 19th (individuals).

The taikai will be run in the same format as previous years.

Team event is run in the style of 'nuki-shobu'/'kachinuki' on the Saturday and then the mixed individuals competition and the women's individual competition on the Sunday

Team event is 5 people per team.

This style of taikai is modelled after gyokuryuuki, the inter-high school "king dragon flag" championship in Japan and is (excuse me if I'm mistaken) the first of its type for international taikai outside of Japan.

The basic idea is for the winner to stay on. The first fight is always senpo vs senpo. If the fight is a draw, then both fighters go off and the next two come on. If one fighter wins, he stays on and fights the opposing teams jiho. For a team to win, the opposing teams taisho must lose his match.

So if the team has a strong senpo who wins all his matches, the match may run as so:

Senpo vs senpo
Senpo vs jiho
Senpo vs chuken
Senpo vs Fukusho
Senpo vs taisho

Senpo wins the last match and the team progressed to the next round.

Two other possible options are:

Senpo vs senpo 
Senpo vs jiho
Senpo vs chuken
Senpo vs Fukusho
Senpo vs taisho (taisho wins)
Jiho vs taisho
Chuken vs taisho
Fukusho vs taisho
Taisho vs taisho (deciding match)


Senpo vs senpo (1 wins)
Senpo vs jiho (2 wins)
Jiho vs jiho (draw)
Chuken vs chuken (2 wins)
Fukusho vs chuken (2 wins)
Taisho vs chuken (1 wins)
Taisho vs fukusho (2 wins and progresses to the next round).


17 Luty, 2017

18:00 - 17:00


Cardiff, Walia, Wielka Brytania

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