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Our 4th edition of the Iijima Cup in this format!

The biggest kendo tournament in the Netherlands, the Iijima Cup is coming!

Come to Amsterdam in the weekend of the 18th and 19th of March for some great and competitive shiai, smiles and above all, a good time.

On Saturday, we'll start of with the individual matches in these categories:
- Mudan mixed
- Dan Women
- Dan Men
The registry and shinai check will start at 09:00 and the tournament will start at 10:00.

Sunday will be the day of the team competition. This is for teams of 5. If you want, you can enlist 5 players and one reserve.
Also here, shinai check and registry will start at 09:00 and the tournament at 10:00

For the people who want to fight in a team but don't have any, you can let us know so we'll put you in one!




18 Marzec, 2017

Cały dzień


Sporthallen Zuid Burgerweeshuispad, 54, 1076EP Amsterdam

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