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Swedens best and biggest seminar is back! 

The senseis this year are: 
Markus Frey 7th dan 
Kari Pekka Jääskeläinen 6th dan
Hervé Blanchard 6th dan
Axel Diebold 6th dan 

The schedule can be found in a post further down on this page along with the link for registration.

If anyone has any questions regarding this seminar feel free to contact me here on Facebook, by e-mail (ambjorn.holmkvist@hotmail.com) or by phone (+46702847403). 

Welcome to Kangeiko.
Welcome to Skellefteå!


27 Styczeń, 2017

19:00 - 15:00


Skellefteå Budokan Laboratorgränd 13, 931 62 Skellefteå

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